May Blog Post: I Have A New Toy!


At the weekend, I attended a course entitled “Save Your Thumbs”, run by Jackie James at Calming Influences (  The course is designed to protect the reflexologist’s thumbs and fingers by incorporating the use of a Thai Massage stick to work some of the more imbalanced reflexes.

At first, I had my doubts about the use of a Thai Massage stick in a complementary therapy that is based on touch.  How would I feel the imbalances in the reflexes? What would it feel like for the client?  I have had a Thai Foot Massage, and there were elements of it that seemed a bit random!  Would it really save my hands?

So how was it?  Well – I was pleasantly surprised.  We were taught the techniques with the stick (including the ones that I thought were a bit random), and then we practised; first on our own hands, and then on each other’s feet; and I’ve also learnt some new relaxation techniques, which I loved.


The key elements for me as the reflexologist:

  • You need to feel with your fingers and thumbs first
  • I could feel the imbalances in the reflexes through the stick (I was surprised by this)
  • It works well on point reflexes, such as sinuses, pituitary, solar plexus; what took me by surprise was how good it was on the spine
  • You can work as gently or as firmly as you can with your hands
  • You can get deeper, but it still needs to be controlled
  • I will be leaving out the techniques that I feel lack control

And as a client:

  • The controlled working of point reflexes and of larger reflexes like the spine felt really good
  • I didn’t feel like I was losing out; it was as good as a traditional treatment, just different
  • The new relaxation techniques were lovely (and lovely to do); so will be coming to a couch near you very soon
  • There were some reflexes, where we preferred the feel of the therapist using their fingers and thumbs; it felt warmer somehow
  • I still didn’t like the ‘random’ techniques

So what next?

I think the expression is a soft launch.  I’m going to incorporate the relaxation techniques immediately.  I’m going to need some bigger towels (or muslin cloths) to do that!  I will practise on my own hands first, and then slowly incorporate the stick into my treatment.  I really do feel it brings a new dimension to a reflexology treatment; I’m quite excited at the prospect.

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