January – The Month to Love your Liver

By Izabel Carter

January – The Month to Love your Liver

Love your Liver (loveyourliver.org.uk) is a campaign by the British Liver Trust, a national charity that seeks to reduce the incidence and impact of liver disease by raising awareness, improving early detection, supporting patients and families, and supporting medical research. The liver is the largest gland in the body weighing roughly 1.5-2kg, and performs over 500 functions; It comes into its own when the nutrients from digested food have passed into the blood.  The liver operates like a ‘triage’ service; blood passes through the liver for inspection to determine what has been absorbed, what should circulate to support cell repair or supply energy, what needs to be stored (e.g. vitamins, glucose, etc) and what needs further processing.  As part of this process, the liver will also filter toxins and drugs, converting harmful substances into innocuous substances for excretion. Given the myriad of functions performed by the liver, a healthy liver is a vital part of keeping you healthy. The Love your Liver campaign identifies three key areas on which to focus:

  • Alcohol – too much alcohol can cause serious and lasting damage to the liver
  • Fatty Liver – eating healthily, exercising, and drinking plenty of water will reduce the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Viral Hepatitis – Hepatitis B and C are blood-borne, Hepatitis A and E are usually spread through contaminated food and/or water

Check out the Love your Liver website for more details (http://loveyourliver.org.uk/3-steps-to-love-your-liver/).

As a Reflexologist I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat a specific condition; however I can support your aim to improve your liver health.  By working on your liver and gall bladder reflexes, as well as the thoracic spinal reflexes interspersed with relaxation techniques, we will improve the blood and lymph circulation in your body which will nurture your body to re-balance, and give you a little R&R too.

So if you are detoxing this month (or any month for that matter), why not give me a call on 07912 951763 for a chat or to book an appointment to see how Reflexology can help.