Chi Medics

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Chi Medics

Would you like to experience a gentler form of Foot Reflexology that will help support you with your health and wellbeing now and on an ongoing basis? A Chi Medics treatment may well be the answer.

What is a Chi Medics treatment?

Chi Medics uses a deliberate gentle touch on specific points on the feet that helps calm the body. The approach is rhythmic (in sync with your breathing); it connects with your body, through the feet, in a way that soothes.

I will translate the information you provide during the consultation into a logical Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) framework. I will use this framework to develop a bespoke treatment plan for you. I will check a few points on your feet before your treatment begins.

Subsequent treatments will complement any changes that you have experienced since I last saw you. The treatment plan will always focus on what you need and will end with a balance sequence to rebalance you on all levels.

What is Chi Medics?

Chi Medics is a unique wholistic therapy with foundations in Acupressure, Reflexology, and CCM. It is a balanced synergy of Chinese Philosophy, including CCM, Energy diagnostics and acupressure.

The Importance of Feedback

What you feel during and after the treatment is valuable in further refining future treatment plans.

Find Your Natural Balance With Reflexology