Be comfortable with your skin


Bergman Method Facial Reflexology offers you an uplifting treatment, physically, facially and spiritually, but would you like something more? Zone Face Lift is that something more…

In my last blog, I told you that facial reflexology was a bit of a departure for me. I was nervous; would I be able to create a safe environment and have the right touch to relax my clients sufficiently for them to close their eyes and lose themselves in the treatment? Well if I was worried about the facial reflexology element, the Zone Face Lift course took it to the next level again.

What is it?

Zone Face Lift is a natural facial treatment being heralded as a credible alternative to Botox and/or dermal fillers.  Don’t take my word for it though, click here to see what Kate Spicer, a self-confessed Botox addict, said about it in the Daily Mail a couple of years ago; and here, a more recent appraisal of the technique on the Morello Life website.

Why is it something more?

Zone Face Lift combines facial reflexology with ancient healing and pressure-point massage techniques, using the award winning Zone Face Lift Facial Elixir and specialist facial tools including a Jade Sculpting and Lifting Massager.  If you sign up for a programme of treatments, some of your treatments will include an holistic facial (using Clean to Skin, Clean to Planet cruelty-free skincare products by REN) as well as working key foot reflexology points.

Why was I nervous?

When I booked on the course, I was concerned I was straying too far from health benefits. Having experienced the full works (facial reflexology, holistic facial, Zone Face Lift), I really do not know what I was so worried about. Being comfortable with our skin is so much more than just how it looks.  It is also how it feels (to touch and be touched), and how it makes us feel. I have been on a number of courses, which I have loved, and have been as tired at the end.  This course, however, was the first when I have come away uplifted and inspired – physically, facially and spiritually.

This course involved a 12-week programme of treatment for one person. See for yourself what a difference it can make…  This shows the difference in just 5 treatments…

zone face lift animation

I am one of only three in Dorset, currently, who are Zone Face Lift Qualified Practitioners.  Call me to book a treatment. A programme of 12 is optimal, but even one treatment can help you feel comfortable with your skin.