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Having experienced the benefits of Reflexology personally during my treatment for a serious illness, I decided to train in the Original Ingham Method as a Reflexology practitioner with the renowned International Institute of Reflexology (IIR UK). Once I was on the road to full recovery, I was very keen for others to experience the benefits that I’d experienced with Reflexology as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medicine when my health had not been great.

It has been a good few years since I qualified (2010 to be precise), but it is still important to me that I keep up to date with the latest Reflexology techniques by regularly attending seminars and training courses. Continuous professional development widens my knowledge and ensures I can give you the best possible Reflexology treatment. Having left the corporate world in 2015, I am fully aware of the stresses and strains of modern working life and can’t emphasise enough how Reflexology can help you relax.

I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists, the International Institute of Reflexologists, Professional Reflexology as well as a member of the Register of Advanced Reflexologists, and the VRT network.  In addition to my original diploma in the Original Ingham Method (through the IIR UK), I am also a Qualified Nerve Reflexologist, a Qualified Practitioner in Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift, and an Approved Reflexology Lymph Drainage Practitioner.


I had two courses in the diary for 2020. I still love to learn new elements of Reflexology and attend masterclasses to keep up as techniques develop.

February saw me in London, just as Storm Dennis hit, for the long-anticipated masterclass with Ziggie Bergman. There was in-depth guidance on the Zone Face Lift itself, plus a new skill – Facial Cupping. I felt I needed to keep this under wraps initially until my insurance was sorted out, which I am pleased to say it now us. You may have seen celebrities and athletes with angry bruises; rest assured, facial cupping is the gentle application of soft silicone cups to encourage lymphatic drainage and help sculpt and contour the neck and face. It feels fantastic, and it does not leave marks.

At the beginning of March, just before lockdown, I headed to Honiton to learn Chi Medics’ advanced reflexology techniques. The course had a special emphasis on mental health and the spine, which are common issues today. Although I had made it down to my accommodation, I was unable to attend as I was unwell. Gutting, but there was no way around it. I did book on another Chi Medics’ course, but that has been cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions. I will get there as soon as they announce new dates.

All was not lost – I was able to take advantage of lockdown. I completed an online course with Ziggie Bergman, Herbal Compress for Reflexologists – learning how to make and use facial and foot compresses. Practising during lockdown, I am now looking forward to offering this as part of a treatment when I get back to work. I audibly sighed “ooh that looks good” when I watched the first application of the compress to the foot.

I have also joined a Reflexology Book Club, as a result of which – I might possibly have bought several books to devour.

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