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Having experienced the benefits of Reflexology personally during my treatment for a serious illness, I decided to train in the Original Ingham Method as a Reflexology practitioner with the renowned International Institute of Reflexology (IIR UK). Once I was on the road to full recovery, I was very keen for others to experience the benefits that I’d experienced with Reflexology as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medicine when my health had not been great.

It has been a good few years since I qualified (2010 to be precise), but it is still important to me that I keep up to date with the latest Reflexology techniques by regularly attending seminars and training courses. Continuous professional development widens my knowledge and ensures I can give you the best possible Reflexology treatment. Having left the corporate world in 2015, I am fully aware of the stresses and strains of modern working life and can’t emphasise enough how Reflexology can help you relax.

I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists, the International Institute of Reflexologists, Professional Reflexology as well as a member of the Register of Advanced Reflexologists, and the VRT network.  In addition to my original diploma in the Original Ingham Method (through the IIR UK), I am also a Qualified Nerve Reflexologist, a Qualified Practitioner in Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift, and an Approved Reflexology Lymph Drainage Practitioner.


I have two courses in the diary for 2020 already.  I still love to learn new elements of Reflexology and attend masterclasses to keep up as techniques develop.

February will see me in London for the long-anticipated masterclass with Ziggie Bergman.  There will be in-depth guidance on Zone Face Lift itself, plus a new skill – watch this space for details.

At the beginning of March, I am heading to Honiton to learn Chi Medics’ advanced reflexology techniques. The course has a special emphasis on mental health and the spine, which are common issues today. Their techniques combine the Chinese Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Acu-points and Meridians with foot and body therapy. A bit of a departure for me – but still reflexology, and still feet.

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